I Graduated from the UWE Bristol in 2010 with a 2:1 Honours degree.   I worked at the RUH in Bath for 5 years gaining experience in core clinical areas and found myself getting excited about neuro physio having worked with some inspiring clinicians on stroke and neurology.  I then worked as a Senior Physiotherapist at the Frenchay Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit, which really opened my eyes into the complexities of neuro rehab and the rewards that can be gained from detailed assessment and treatment of complex neurological conditions, including Stroke, MS, Parkinsons Disease, Motor Neurones Disease and Traumatic/Acquired Brain Injury.  I am a member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists interested in Neurology and keep up to date with regular training and sessions within the South West.

After the birth of my little boy, I was a locum physiotherapist working mainly in the community setting, carrying out physiotherapy within a person’s own environment.  It is really exciting seeing the difference you can make in someone’s own environment and often the challenge is improvising exercise programs without medical equipment (I’ve never seen so many different types of tins of food!!).  I have recently been appointed as a Senior Physiotherapist working with Bristol Community Health, supporting people in their own homes, including nursing and residential homes, to help maximise their function and ability based on individualised goals.

My physio treatment focuses on instilling a feeling of reward and achievement through education and exercise to enable individuals to continue with improving activity and function.

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