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MyPhysio offers comprehensive treatment options for your condition. We will fully assess, and diagnose your problem and before embarking on a treatment plan we will discuss this diagnosis with you and explain the aims of treatment fully with you.

Our Physiotherapists have a variety of treatment techniques depending on the type of problem you have. Your treatment may include some or combination of the following:

Manual therapy

Joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, soft tissue release and mobilisation, sports massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point release, stretching.

Mobilisation involves prolonged pressure over the joint that is causing problems in a rhythmical manner to loosen the joint and switch off some of the tissues surrounding the area that may be in spasm.

Manipulation is a quicker way of achieving the above by using a quick thrust technique to take the joint to it’s end of range, it is incredibly effective in certain circumstances, but not in all cases.


Laura is a member of the Manipulation association of Chartered Physiotherapists and trained at Masters level in these techniques.

Sports and deep tissue massage techniques have been used for centuries to stimulate the muscle activity around an area of spasm to relax or rejuvinate muscles, or to get muscles activating in a different way.

Trigger point release has been used for many years to treat areas of spasm in a particular muscle group, when combined with stretches, overactive muscles can be relaxed, lengthened and facilitated to work in a more normal way.


Strengthening and conditioning, stretching and flexibility exercises, core stability exercises, gym ball exercises, postural re-education, sports specific rehabilitation.

Exercise therapy is often the key component in recovery; with any injury the muscles can be over or underworked and may lose strength and flexibility. Physiotherapy can assist by knowing how to retrain these muscles back to a specific level of function tailor made to each individual need.


Postural advice and assessment, workstation set up, recovery advice, gait analysis Advice forms the “bread & butter” of any rehabilitation programme, knowing what to do, how often and why, you’re doing it will optimise your recovery period and reduce the time it takes to get there.

Postural and ergonomic advice can be part of the reason why a problem is persisting. MyPhysio have extensive knowledge in giving this advice, and also have good links with ergonomic assessors that could help further by providing workstation equipment.


Gait analysis is often an important part of recovery – often from a leg or back injury. It is important that we get your best foot forward whether you’re an ultra marathon runner, or a walk in the park walker. Using the treadmills at Elite Fitness we have the capability to accurately assess and treat common problems.


At MyPhysio we offer Acupuncture alongside traditional physiotherapy treatment techniques. Our Physiotherapists Lizzy and Laura are both registered members of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) ensuring the highest standards are met.

MyPhysio understands that acupuncture is a treatment that requires many sessions, which is why we offer special rates for courses of acupuncture. Please ask for the package.

A recent publication from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has deemed that acupuncture should be offered as one of the best treatments for patients with low back pain.



Ultrasound, TENS Electrotherapy is often used with recent injuries. It is used to assist the healing process early on in its first few days of recovery and is always used in combination with other treatments.

Tens machines are advised By Physiotherapists in conditions where there is severe pain, that limits any other intervention. It is a natural way of stimulating pain relief in the body by using a small battery operated pack and electrodes attached to the site of pain, which can be worn by the user during everyday activities without the use of medication.