MyPhysio has a specialist Physiotherapist Martin Lambourne who in his NHS role leads the local neurological Physiotherapy team. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and specialises in rehabilitation of neurological issues. These can be at your home or in clinic for appointments.

Neurological Physiotherapy focuses on rehabilitating disorders of the nervous system, which may or not be damaged in our brain or spinal cord. This can lead to mixed messages travelling from our brain to other parts of our body affecting the way we move, causing loss of movement and sensation, uncoordinated movement or alteration in the tone of our muscles, or tremoring.

Physiotherapy aims to kick-start those message pathways and form new messages and pathways through repetitive actions and exercise, and facilitation of movement, most patients notice a fairly rapid improvement in balance, arm and leg function, walking and reduction of pain

Conditions treated:

Parkinsons Disease


Head Injuries

Spinal Cord injuries

Multiple Sclerosis

Motor neurone disease

Cerebral Palsy
Huntingdon’s Disease

Guillain Barre Syndrome

Here are two videos showing one of our home visiting patients who had a stroke – he’s learning a step over technique, harder than a step up and down and very complex in its task as in the second video he uses no aids and gets the movement in one go.  We currently visit him weekly for rehabilitation at home and have done since the NHS allowance stopped.

Patient video before neuro rehabilitation

Patient video after neuro rehabilitation – 3 weeks later