Obsetric Physiotherapy (Women’s Health Physiotherapy)

MyPhysio has two Physiotherapists who currently work at The Bristol Royal Infirmary looking after Women’s health, Kate and Helen both assess and treat women with pregnancy related disorders.

They have specialist up to date knowledge of how to care and treat you throughout your pregnancy and are available for specialist consultations at any stage of pregnancy, childbirth and the  post-natal period.

Both Kate and Helen have expert knowledge at pre, during and post pregnancy fitness and have a wealth of knowledge to share with their patients

Conditions treated:

Pelvic Girdle Pain ( PGP)

Pubic symphysis disorder

Lumbar and thoracic pain

Rib Pain

Sacroiliac disorders

Diastasis Recti ( separation of the tummy muscles)

Pregnancy related Carpal Tunnel syndrome

Pregnancy related fitness

Our Women’s Health Physios