Ella graduated from the University of Worcester with a First-Class Honours in Physiotherapy (BSc) in 2020, going on to start her career within the Royal United Hospital in Bath where she completed 4 years of extensive rotations including 6 months on the Acute Neurology ward. This rotation inspired Ella to pursue her passion of neuro-rehabilitation and supporting people who have experienced neurological trauma and pathologies. Ella has worked with a vast range of conditions including Traumatic brain injuries, Spinal cord injuries, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and Gillian Barre Syndrome, to name a few.
Having since moved into private practice, Ella continues to gain neurological experience working with Bath and Wessex Neurophysio and seeing patients in their home environment to promote independence and accessible rehab. 
Ella is a member of ACPIN (The association of Chartered Physiotherapists interested in neurology) enabling her to access high quality neurology specific CPD. Ella has attended multiple courses over her career including the foundation in Bobath approach to helping those with neurological conditions and acupuncture course.
Ella’s keen interest is to empower and support people to reach their goals and independence with a holistic approach, supporting their families and loved ones too.
In her free time, Ella loves nothing more than to spend quality time with her young daughter and partner and travel whenever they can.
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