Here at MyPhysio we are able to offer walking and running analysis using the treadmills at Elite Fitness

Gait analysis is the study of human locomotion using the naked eye, as well as video analysis in slow motion to capture how the body lands in foot strike, heel flat and toe off position, looking at arm swing, pelvic and lumbar position as well as observing body movement, muscle activation or inactivation, and looking for patterns that may not be making the body effective at what it does when running or walking.

Here at MyPhysio we have both undergraduate and postgraduate experience in gait analysis, it’s great for runners , joggers, walkers and ramblers as well as the occasional athlete; it is good to look at someone walking that may have foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, mortons neuroma, arthritis, pronation syndrome, tibialis posterior dysfunction, Medial tibial stress syndrome ( MTSS) also known as shin splints.  Analysing the way the foot gets to the floor can unlock the mystery of why patients get pain, and here at MyPhysio we have just the skills to get you back doing what you do quickly. We also have access for simple orthotic insole provision, and work with our key partners at Footworks Bristol when we need something more bespoke.

Running clinics available on request

Gait analysis from the front

Gait analysis from behind

To book in for gait analysis or for assistance with any problematic areas when you are running, please use the contact form or telephone the clinic.