Neck pain could be due to whiplash, arthritis, nerve based pain, or postural based pain.


Whiplash is often a sudden forced head movement forwards and backwards in a short space of time, often associated with car accidents, but it can be from any sudden neck movement.

This can strain the muscles, ligaments and stiffen the joints, as well as occasionally irritate the discs and nerves.

There are 4 categories of whiplash and each needs to be treated differently.

MyPhysio will be able to accurately diagnose which level of whiplash you may have and treat it accordingly using relaxation of the muscles, acupuncture, manual therapy or manipulation, as well as giving postural advice to make rehabilitation quicker.

Arthritis – Spondylosis

Arthritis is very common in the neck and known as spondylosis. We are all likely to get some arthritis in our neck but most of the time it will not cause any problems.

Occasionally the stiffness and reduced range of movement can cause problems and MyPhysio can help to stretch the neck and mobilise the joints to restore movement and reduce pain.

Postural Neck Pain

Postural neck pain is extremely common and can relate to the long period of time in front of computers, driving or any sustained postures. The neck can be held in an awkward position for a long period of time on a regular basis, resulting in pain, tight and weak muscles, and joint stiffness.

MyPhysio can help by advising you on good neck posture, sleeping positions and strength exercises for your neck, as well as also having good links with ergonomic assessors that could help further by providing workstation equipment.

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