Sports Massage / Deep tissue massage
We have experts in Sports Massage at My Physio. Whether you have a tight muscle, are recovering from an injury or just feel like you need a massage, we have team members who can help you out.  Sports Massage gets right into the muscles and includes stretches and recovery advice. It is particularly good for someone who has been working out, wants to increase performance or recover from an injury. Sports massage focusses on enhancing circulation, increasing tissue elasticity and reducing muscle tension. Depending on the reason for your visit, our therapists will mould the treatment to your requirements.

You can have a sports massage with any of our therapists without having seen a physio first, you can book directly on our website and often we can get you booked in relatively quickly.

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is an individual massage treatment that is specifically tailored to each client. As there is no fixed routine, each massage is unique.

Holistic massages use various strokes and methods to benefit the entire body, these include reduced stress and anxiety, better nights sleep and helps with muscle tension, a massage can be both relaxing and energising.

Massage in essence is about sensitive communication through the medium of touch. At the moment of placing the therapists hand on a client’s body, a range of physiological responses can occur, affecting the skin, the sensory nerve receptors, the muscle tissue, the circulation of blood and lymph, the ease of movement of joints, the digestion and so on. Sara’s skill as a holistic massage therapist, is varying the depth, speed and intention involved in the touch, helps to determine which response occurs.

Holistic massage should be seen as a nurturing process of touch and response. The key here is to adapt the treatment to each client’s unique needs, physical characteristics and personality.

Holistic massage can lead to a variety of outcomes; depending on the needs of the individual client. They can include:

  • Physical improvements such as relaxing tight muscles, improvements to circulation, nervous function and joint mobility; this can ease many short and long term ailments, such as back pain, arthritis and insomnia.
  • Reducing stress, one of the main causes of disease in Western society. As well as addressing stress factors, holistic massage can facilitate the switch between sympathetic and autonomic nervous systems, hence allowing both body and mind valuable recuperation time (refs 3,4,5).
  • Emotionally, massage can provide the caring non-intrusive touch clients have often longed for; this can soothe the busy mind, reduce stress and enhance self esteem.

Massage therapy price list

Treatment Type Price
Sports / Deep Tissue Massage (deeper tissue work including stretches and recovery advice for injury / performance 60 minutes £60.00
Sports / Deep Tissue Massage (deeper tissue work including stretches and recovery advice for injury / performance 30 minutes £30.00