Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee Osteoarthritis is very common and is when you have wear and tear in your joint. The cartilage inside the knee becomes thinner and less shock absorbing, it is a normal and natural process as we get older.

The main complaint is pain and stiffness in the joint affecting mobility. There are many treatments available for Osteoarthritis, Mandy is our resident specilaist physiotherapist for arthritic type complaints.

MyPhysio are experts in diagnosing arthritis and treating it in its early and later stages with exercises, stretches, manual therapy and acupuncture. The NICE guidelines published recommend Physiotherapy as its prime way of treating Osteoarthritis.

Ankle Osteoarthritis

The ankle can suffer from osteoarthritis, and can stiffen up causing pain when walking and first thing in the morning.

it is caused by a gradual degradation of the cartilage inside the joint through natural ageing, sports and wear and tear. it can be easily treated with physiotherapy to loosen up the joints, treat the pain, and get the ankle stronger so that the muscles protect the joint better.

Occasionally ankles need injections or surgery – MyPhysio has great links with all of the local foot and ankle surgeons for specialist opinions if required.