Kate graduated from Bournemouth University in 2008 with a BSc (hons) in Physiotherapy.

She started work in Somerset within the musculoskeletal service before moving onto the acute hospital to complete her core junior rotations, including neurology, respiratory, orthopaedics and outpatients.

This assisted her to develop a breadth of knowledge and skills within Physiotherapy.

During this time she decided that her passion was in musculoskeletal outpatients and she took on a static specialist post. In this role she ran rehabilitation classes, hydrotherapyworked within local GP surgeries.

Alongside her NHS work Kate also worked with the local National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society group, taking both gym and hydrotherapy based rehabilitation classes and also worked with the local football side offering Sports injury triage, rehabilitation and conditioning for the players.

Since moving to Bristol in 2012 Kate has working in a senior posts in outpatients in Bristol and Wiltshire where she rans specialist classes and locums to GP surgeries on top of her normal caseload.

Kate is currently based in Bristol in a senior outpatient specialist rotation where she works between different areas of musculoskeletal health including outpatients, orthopaedics, chronic pain management and hydrotherapy.

Kate has completed the Society of OrthopaedicMedicine Diploma and Acupuncturetraining courses to enhance her clinical skills.

Outside of work she has a passion for exercise and sport, playing in a local hockey team and completing regular fitness training sessions and occasionally taking less conventional fitness challenges. She is married to Robbie and they have a beautiful daughter.

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